Barbecore: The furnishing trend that's fun

Einrichtungstrend Barbiecore

Come on Barbie, let´s go Party...

Everyone is in Barbie fever! No wonder, the new movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is breaking all records right now!

And what could be more obvious than that Barbecore is also arriving in the world of interior design: Barbecore is the new furnishing trend that is taking the world by storm. Inspired by the iconic Barbie doll, this trend is anything but boring. Instead, it's colorful, playful, and above all, lots of fun!

Discover the most beautiful furniture & accessories with us to bring the look of Barbie's dream villa home. And pssstt: we even have a product that is actually in the original Barbie Dreamhouse... Have you already discovered which one it is?!

What is Barbie core?

The main color of Barbiecore is, of course, pink. But not only pink is allowed, other bright and friendly colors such as yellow, blue and green are also welcome. In addition to the color scheme, the design of furniture and accessories is also typical of Barbiecore. Round shapes, floral patterns and glittering details are the order of the day here.

How to combine Barbie core?

Barbiecore is a very versatile trend that can be combined with many different styles. Whether boho, vintage or minimalistic: Barbie core goes with everything. If you don't dare to paint your entire home in pink, you can also start with small details, such as a pink sofa, a pink carpet or a pink wardrobe.

Here are a few ideas for the Barbiecore-style decor:

  • Living room: A pink sofa, a pink carpet and a few pink cushions are the perfect base for a cozy living room in Barbiecore style. For an extra eye-catcher, you can add a pink chandelier or a pink candlestick.
  • Bedroom: A pink bed, a pink bedding set and a few pink pillows create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. For an extra touch, you can wear a pink nightgown or a pink dressing gown.
  • Kitchen: A pink kitchenette, a pink oven and a few pink kitchen utensils make the kitchen a real eye-catcher. For an extra fun factor, you can also keep some pink foods in the kitchen.
  • Bathroom: A pink bathtub rim, a pink shower curtain and a few pink bath towels create a relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom. For an extra luxury, you can also put up some pink candles.

Conclusion: Barbecore is the perfect trend for anyone who enjoys furnishings and wants to be inspired by the world of Barbie. With a few small details you can turn your apartment into a sweet and playful paradise.

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Einrichtungstrend Barbiecore