Vision, mission and our values

We want to be your No. 1 concept store for glamorous living, lifestyle & interior!

How we want to achieve this?

Well, our story started with the dream of creating that one place where we glam style lovers are at home. Where it never gets boring. Where there are always cool & unique things to discover. Where we feel really comfortable.

From this we have derived our basic principles, which determine our actions in dealing with suppliers and customers. And they are more to us than just sexy marketing wording.

1. We stay true to our style

We do not want to be able to do everything. We do not want to offer everything. You won't find 10,000 products of everything & nothing with us.

We offer you a world full of glam & style.

Our style is glamorous, modern-elegant, colorful, stylish and individual. Gold is our passion. We are everything - except boring! And when we discover one of those unicorns on our explorations, we're happy as snow queens.... Which brings us to our next point:

2. Quality

At Codeso Living, we truly believe that quality always wins out! That's why it 's our top priority. We don't just want you to be satisfied - we want you to be really HAPPY! With your new favorite piece - and with us, of course. One of our favorite sayings is "small but mighty". We limit ourselves to selected and unique products with high quality. Therefore, everything we offer has been personally selected, touched and found to be perfect-for-us on site. This, of course, applies to the smaller up-and-coming manufacturers and family-run businesses we work with, but also to the big name brands. And, of course, for our own brand Codeso Living, for which we cooperate with the best in their field.

3. Fair prices

Discount, discount, let me tell you - is always put on it beforehand.

Especially in the furniture sector, this sales strategy is a very common practice - which we definitely do not want. At Codeso Living, we firmly believe that quality and fair prices are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, our approach is to avoid blatant price promotions and discount battles, and offer you attractive & honest prices all year round.

How do we achieve this?

Well, the traditional furniture retailer has a huge store in a good location, a very large & extensive assortment, for which he needs an equally large warehouse, and immense advertising costs for the discount battles with the numerous competitors. Often he also works with middlemen. This means he has high variable and fixed costs, which inevitably lead to high prices. Nevertheless, he has long delivery times for many pieces of furniture.

Our strategy is to keep costs as low as possible - both in terms of warehousing and purchase prices, and in terms of advertising. We achieve this, firstly, by stocking only space-saving items such as decoration & accessories - and furniture is almost exclusively custom-made for the customer. Secondly, we devote ourselves extensively to product scouting in order to buy directly from the manufacturer. And thirdly, by linking online & offline to gain trust in us and our products: on the one hand with storytelling & personality via social media, on the other hand with our small but fine showroom in Düsseldorf (starting in October), where you can experience a fine selection of our products live and in color. But most importantly, in which we can take you digitally into our world, so that you feel absolutely safe in our online store with our entire product selection.

5. Sustainability

We also want to make our contribution to sustainability, and have defined the following two types of sustainability for ourselves:

1. Eco-friendly sustainability

  • All furniture from our own collection, as well as many of our decorative items are manufactured in Europe - this ensures much shorter transport distances. And relieves the environment.
  • Unfortunately, packaging materials cannot be avoided - but we take responsibility for avoiding, re-using and recycling them. For this we are registered in the packaging register and pay our contribution.
  • We send our parcels almost exclusively with DPD - did you know that DPD has already achieved climate-neutral parcel transport since 2012? You can find out more about it here.
  • Last, but not least, the high quality of our products, to which we attach great importance, ensures a long life - and ensures less waste.

2. Social sustainability - Socially responsible

  • Fair treatment of employees is extremely important to us. This includes working conditions and fair pay. We also attach importance to this for products imported from Asia - because imported & fair are fortunately not mutually exclusive.

6. Outstanding customer service

Only those who burn themselves can ignite the fire in others.

Whether it's a heartfelt, handwritten card or a special customer requests - we live customer service every day! Because we love what we do and our ultimate goal & motivation is to make you happy & satisfied in the long run - always!