"Voluspa is true handmade Californian luxury. Exquisite fragrances, cool, colorful, reusable containers that we design in-house and perfectly formulated candles are the backbone of our personality. Our ingredients are rare, come from all over the world and have a fine fragrance quality. Each ingredient contributes to an exclusively unique fragrance that is far superior to that of typical department store candles. That's why we have such a cult and celebrity following for our fragrances. Voluspa has never sold a candle that we didn't make ourselves. That's something we've always been proud of, and not many other brands can say that."

–Traci and Troy Arntsen, founders of Voluspa

The Story

Voluspa was founded almost 20 years ago by the artisans and entrepreneurs Traci and Troy Arntsen, who made everything themselves in their Californian cuisine with a lot of love and dedication. Born from burnt pots, homemade waxes and intoxicating perfume oils, Voluspa is now a reflection of the art, beauty and culture that inspire its founders on their travels. Traci's cultivated passion for botany and essential oils, combined with her fragrance know-how, allows Voluspa to blend her own fragrances with the best ingredients from the most remote regions of the world. Troy's passion for travel, his business acumen – and for never missing the right opportunity – have made Voluspa one of the world's leading suppliers of luxury scented candles and personal care products today. The name Voluspa comes from an ancient Norse poem about the creation of the world out of chaos. And as the chaos in the kitchen showed, great beauty often comes from great passion.


Voluspa's primary concern is the sustainable, environmentally friendly and pesticide-free production of candles and personal care products.

Each candle is hand-poured in Irvine, California and features the patented, clean-burning coconut wax blend, 100% natural, hand-made wicks, and fragrance compositions created by in-house perfumers.

Clean Burning Coconut Wax Blend

100% natural, hand-made wicks

Hand poured in the USA

Vegan and free from animal testing

Free from phlalates, parabens & sulfates

Did you know...

... that the patented coconut wax blend burns up to 10 times cleaner than candles made of soy wax?

... and that the coconuts that Voluspa uses for its proprietary wax blend come from small farms in Indonesia and the Philippines?

Coconuts are hardy and grow in hot and coastal areas, often close to the coast, because they can tolerate saline and sandy soils - they grow naturally here to protect the coastline from erosion.

This is what makes the coconut so unique, as other plants cannot grow in such conditions. Coconuts are harvested in bunches every 45-60 days.

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