Miss Étoile


    Danish design with a distinctive brand language.

    Fun & colorful - these are the two descriptions that perfectly describe the DNA of Miss Étoile! The Danish lifestyle brand consists of a modern, creative, feminine and whimsical universe.

    All designs are created by the in-house design team with great attention to detail and a focus on quality. And it shows: the popular Crystal & Glass collection is a prime example of this - the products are all made of heavy glass or crystal glass!

    The difference between crystal glass and regular glass is the lead content. Adding lead achieves the desired changes in glass properties - giving crystal glass a higher density, weight and refractive index, giving the object a high shine when light reflects off it.

    And because it is so magical and high quality, the Crystall&Glass collection is expanded every year with great products, all of which can be beautifully combined with each other. #staytuned

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    Miss Étoile - Hochglanz-Tablett in Bordeaux | 26 x 26 cm - Codeso Living
    Miss Étoile Hochglanz-Tablett in Bordeaux | 26 x 26 cm
    Miss Étoile
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