Pottery Pots


    Pottery Pots

    Dutch Design

    Pottery Pots is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality planters and a global brand with Dutch roots. The high quality planters are all designed and developed by their own design team for indoor and outdoor use.
    Since its founding in 2008, Pottery Pots' goal and belief has been that design should be accessible to all. Therefore, the perfect balance between design, quality and price is the top priority and is implemented for each collection.
    Each product is designed from a simple but refined perspective: clear shapes and outlines, while always being exciting and different - but never boring.
    What is wonderful is that all product lines are built as a series. So you can keep everything from small indoor containers to a complete patio design in one look.


    Pottery Pots will make any indoor or outdoor space eye-catching and just as stylish as the rest of your decor.

    Pottery Pots Platinum Gold



    • Fiberglass and 58% finely ground stone
    • Timeless look
    • High quality
    • Extremely light
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (except Platinum Collection)


    • Cement concrete and glass fibers
    • The production method is similar to the production of clay products
    • Ideal for round shapes
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    Fiberstone specialist

    Due to its high quality, light weight and low maintenance, Pottery Post has always used Fiberstone in almost all of its products, making it an absolute specialist.


    All pots and items are handmade. This adds to the charm of a Pottery Pots product and creates unique pieces that are all slightly different from each other.