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    Reflections Copenhagen - Beauty that touches people

    The Danish brand Reflections Copenhagen, founded in 2015, is a collaboration between designers Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson. The idea for Reflections Copenhagen was born out of the need for something different, something that counteracts the traditional style, and the desire for light reflections when decorating.

    Reflections Copenhagen is the result of Julie's flair for design and production, Andrea's eye for interiors and colours, and their shared dream of creating a product that combines art and decoration. Together, they have designed a unique collection of handmade mirrors, stunning crystal objects such as candlesticks, vases and trays, as well as glamorous decorations. Lamps and side tables made of beguiling crystal are also part of the extraordinary collection.

    The style of Reflections Copenhagen is a graphic expression of the Art Deco era, the contrasting 80s and the possibility of working with delicate and fragile materials to create unique and innovative products.

    The Reflection Mirrors is a handcrafted and decorative collection that offers a new dimension in strength and form for distinctive mirror décor.

    Crystal Table Decor is a collection of handmade candlesticks, vases, bowls, candy dishes (to name a few) made of 100% crystal. All designed with the vision of combining filigree materials and classic shapes into a functional art object.

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