Codeso Living Regenbogenfarben f√ľr den Tisch

Rainbow colors for your table


      Dazzling highlights

      There's treasure hidden at the end of the rainbow, they say. That's why we're now dishing up colorful candlesticks, vases and tableware in the most beautiful rainbow colors for a dazzlingly beautiful setting.

      These rainbow pieces will put you in a good mood: the reflective light in the crystal glass is reminiscent of soap bubbles. The pastel cutlery captures the mood after a summer thunderstorm. Logically, these accessories bring summer into our interior!

      More is more

      Multiple rainbows are real eye-catchers - just like many different Rainbow accessories combined with each other! For an elegant and playful touch and glamorous party vibes, the mix of different materials and golden accents.

      Currently not available due to high demand. Get notified directly when the item is back in stock.
      Miss √Čtoile - Hochglanz-Tablett in Bordeaux | 26 x 26 cm - Codeso Living
      Miss √Čtoile Hochglanz-Tablett in Bordeaux | 26 x 26 cm
      Miss √Čtoile
      35,95 ‚ā¨