The Brand

Abhika was founded in 2010 with the passionate aim of offering beauty, curiosity and an incredible WOW factor to those who want to create a unique interior with creativity and eclecticism.

In search of quality and the realization of dreams, Abhika focuses on the production of limited editions of precious and extraordinary objects that are a continuation of the natural world. Each collection is home to a fascinating menagerie of wildlife, colorful birds, exotic flora, and lush foliage. Each piece is made by human hands - with great attention to detail, respect for traditional techniques and a deep reverence for the environment.

Abhika dares to strike a balance between rich Italian heritage and modernity, creating contemporary interiors that are bursting with personality. By enriching all types of interiors with cultural and historical elements, the brand creates a timeless dimension between reality and dream.

Abhika's interiors are simply stunning - they are bold and daring, but also elegant and sophisticated. A world where unexpected design elements, bold color palettes, and bold combinations blend effortlessly. The brand's unmistakable personality transforms every space into a visual and sensory wonderland.

The founder

From the very beginning, Claudia de Gaspari's life was marked by the decoration business. Growing up in her father's company, she was surrounded by a magical world made up of colorful walls, spectacular decorations, and enchanting events.

This vision has evolved over time and matured into the refined and sophisticated perspective that characterizes every Abhika product today.

The reputation of her father's company in terms of events and decoration was the ideal setting for Claudia's love of Italian interiors and design, from which Abhika was born. Abhika's mission is based on the belief that decoration is an art form that requires both a deep understanding of personal taste and an effective way to convey it.


The grand showroom near Venice covers an impressive 1000 sq m of space and offers professional clients a great insight into the stunning & refined ambience of the Abhika world.