Bosa x Pepa Reverter


      Pepa Reverter is a Spanish designer and artist. She studied printmaking, sculpture and video and television production in Barcelona. Her artistic work spans a wide range of media, including illustration, ceramics and photography. She is known for her inspirational works that reflect the pursuit of a better, kinder world. Her diverse projects include work for television, the International Herald Tribune, as well as ceramic designs for Bosa and artworks for BD Barcelona.

      Her famous Sisters collection of women's heads, which she for the traditional Italian company BOSA, combines elegant, sculptural shapes and delicate surfaces that pay homage to women of all cultures. Artists and activists such as Louise Bourgeois, Frida Khalo, Helen Frankenthaler or Clara Campoamor give their name to the pieces in this collection, which represent many of the main themes of Pepa's work: each piece begins as a sketch, then as a painting, before becoming a sculptural vase - a process that allows her to experiment along the way and explore the multiple meanings which represent the Sisters in both form and meaning.