Italian craftsmanship

    Ceralacca is a candle manufacturer from Italy - more precisely from beautiful Tuscany - and was founded in 1805. It has a long tradition that dates back over 200 years, when the founder started making candles in Livorno, Tuscany. As is so often the case with church candles, the exciting company history shows how Ceralacca became a renowned and recognized manufacturer of high-quality candles and accessories from tradition and passion and, after the first steps, soon expanded its production and product range. In 2007, production was transferred to the brand new plant in Lorenzana, 20 km from Livorno, in order to meet the high demands of quality and product guarantee, even in terms of increased sales volumes due to the great popularity.
    To this day, the stylish candles are carefully made by hand, and are a delight for every candle lover! The special, high-gloss finish is obtained by the sealing wax coating at the end of the manufacturing process.

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